Shit talking with Chris D’Elia

This started for no reason… I’m just a trollin fuck.

chrisdelia: The Great Gatsby. #lessinterestingbooks
jacobbunney: @chrisdelia Whitney #hackshitTVshows

He went to messages on Twitter.  He seems a little butthurt.chrisdeliaYou didn’t even see it yet.
jacobbunney @chrisdelia saw every clip. That would b hack material on stage. Get @WhitneyCummings acting lesssons.#blackfacelinewasntbad
chrisdeliaNo ya didn’t. Didn’t air yet. I’m rich!
jacobbunney@chrisdelia my roomy got the pilot. And ur dad is rich. There’s a difference.
chrisdeliaI get more bjs! Yippeeeeee!
jacobbunney @chrisdelia stuck in traffic ask dad to send copter to sunset n kentor. #Bj4copterride?
jacobbunney@chrisdelia I’m a shit talking samurai #respectfulbow

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